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Full-time photographer based in Cave Creek, Arizona - John's goal is to share amazing images of God's creations, whether they be wildlife or landscape scenes found throughout North America.  All the birds and wildlife in John's images are truly wild, and are not captive animals.

Photographing on a daily basis and learning from his peers as well as those who went before him are the primary ways that John has increased his photographic skills. 

Thanks for taking the time to view the photo galleries, and please contact John directly  for any additional information needed.

John's photography is dedicated to his father, who introduced him to the beauty of nature from the the time he was big enough to hold a fishing rod. His father passed away January of 2017, having turned 100 years old a few weeks prior.  John and Cindy lost their first son, Brian, when he was a senior in high school. They  have a son named Daniel living in Arizona and a daughter named Katie living in California.  John hopes that his photography will inspire them to pursue their dreams and appreciate all that God has created for us to share. In addition to photography, John enjoys hiking, mountain biking and kayaking.

Quality Paper and Canvas Prints are available through the Shopping Cart on this site.  For high-end prints in acrylic or metal, please contact John directly via phone or email to discuss pricing and availability of prints in various sizes. The advantage of prints on metal or acrylic is that frames are not needed, thus eliminating that cost factor.  All prints are 100% guaranteed to satisfy, or your money back, and are UV protected for lasting beauty.

Mobile: 480-267-3121
Photography Email: oleary.personal@gmail.com
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