About John - John J O'Leary T: 480-267-3121

John is an American photographer and artist. The result is artistic photographs that draw the eye into the scene and give a sense of wonder. Whether it be stunning landscapes of the American Southwest, fascinating images of wildlife or unique aerial images, John's passion and technical proficiency result in timeless images.

"Looking through the lens of my camera isolates my view to a very tiny portion of a planet that has a circumference of about 25,000 miles. Time passes, the light changes, and the moment is gone. Yet in this day and age, through the technology provided by digital photography and the internet, that image can be shared with people in every country on earth. Prints can be made in multiple sizes to grace the wall of a home, whether that home is in the deserts of Arizona or the mountains of Switzerland. I'm thankful for the ability to experience the wondrous beauty that God has created. Even more, I'm thankful I live in a time that allows me to share these fleeting moments with so many others."

John has dedicated his wildlife photography to his father who introduced him to the great outdoors through fishing vacations in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming as well as summer vacations in Canada. "My dad had an eye for wildlife and his enthusiasm was contagious. He lived to just past his 100th birthday, and claimed the reason for his longevity was that the Lord didn't hold against you all the days you hunted or fished." John and his wife Cindy live in Cave Creek, Arizona.


Quality Paper and Canvas Prints are available through this site.  For prints on acrylic or metal, please contact John directly via phone or email to discuss pricing and availability.  All prints are 100% guaranteed to satisfy, or your money back, and are UV protected for lasting beauty.


Mobile: 480-267-3121

Email: oleary.personal@gmail.com

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